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is a young rattlesnake with a love for adventure that takes him far from home and into danger. He soon realizes that home is safer and rushes to return to his den before the cold of winter arrives.



This easy to read children's book includes Facts about Rattlesnakes and large, colorful pictures.  It's perfect for ages 2-7.

The Fae-rens...

are the protectors of Gaeya (Earth). When a young boy unknowingly recovers one of the Keys of Being from an old jacket, he meets the magical Fae-rens.  They have come from the past on a quest to return the key to its proper place. But they are not the only ones interested in the Elka, the Key of Healing and Rebirth. The entire world is in danger from the Evil One and his followers, who want to use the key for a more sinister purpose...


This chapter book is great for kids ages 7-12.  It is the first book in Tje Keys of Being fantasy series.  

The illustrations are bright and colorful and they breathe life into the story and characters. The author does a good job by giving the snake an identity and personality. It's a good storybook for bedtime story-telling and it is also helpful to teachers and students when talking about rattlesnakes. The book can also be used for read aloud sessions in classrooms and school libraries. Children learn a lot from Rafie's escapades and it also has a subtle message of obeying your parents and elders. It’s a book worth having in one’s collection, not only for the message it conveys, but also for the information and facts it provides about rattlesnakes.


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Our Earth is collapsing...

from earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other environmental catastrophes. The balance can only be restored by uniting the four Keys of Being. Teen Nicky Kirkland is approached by the magical, spirit Fae-rens to be the new human Guardian of their realm. Now he must fight against the Evil One and his sorcerers to return the Key of Healing & Rebirth through a mystical portal to the secret world of Wren.  It will be the race of his life!

This chapter book is great for kids ages 7-12.  It is the second book in The Keys of Being fantasy series.  

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